WayAhead run free information services such as the telephone services, Mental Health Information Line (1300 794 991) and the Anxiety Disorders Information Line (1300 794 992), as well as the WayAhead online directory of mental health services.

Our Factsheets

We produce a wide variety of factsheets, including factsheets created for our programs such as Mental Health Month and our Information Factsheets about mental illness and supporting people experiencing mental illness.

Our fact sheets are divided into four categories:

  • Mental Illness - fact sheets that describe the signs and symptoms of many of the major mental disorders as well as outlining treatment options and relevant people to talk to
  • Support and Caring - fact sheets that provide information to those who are caring for someone with a mental illness on where they can turn for help and support for either themselves or their loved one
  • Maintaining Wellbeing - fact sheets that focus on building resilience and the factors that promote our mental health and wellbeing.
  • Translations - a variety of our fact sheets which we have available in languages other than English.



Printing and Ordering Factsheets

All fact sheets listed on the website can be downloaded in an A4 format and we encourage you to print and distribute them. 

They are also available as A5 brochures. If you would like to receive the A5 format, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can either email or print them for you at a cost:

  • 1-10 brochures printed and sent free-of-charge
  • 11-100 brochures printed for $10 + postage
  • 101-200 brochures printed for $20 + postage
  • More than 200 brochures - please contact us for a price.

Our Websites

Understanding Anxiety


We provide a range of free services aimed at Anxiety Disorders.

We run WayAhead Anxiety Support Groups across NSW as well as 12 week WayAhead Anxiety Self-Help Group courses.

We run WayAhead Small Steps seminars for primary school teachers and parents on Anxiety in children and we run WayAhead Public Forums on Anxiety in regional and remote areas.



The WayAhead Directory


The WayAhead Directory is a comprehensive and well maintained directory of mental health service providers.

The WayAhead has over 5000 NSW services listed and they are conveniently categorised to help users find the services they require.

Workplace Health Network


The Workplace Health Promotion Network is a membership of representatives from organisations large and small that are interested in the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes in the workplace. The networks operate in NSW and Queensland with a nationwide membership that meet 4 times a year, as well as attending an annual 1 day members forum.

Members have exposure through seminars, conferences and networking to the latest research, ideas and practices that affect employee wellbeing.